The technique allows you to achieve an almost ideal state of the integral unit.


Clean Engine

Carbon deposits will be removed from your engine (tops of pistons, cylinders, combustion chambers, piston rings, oil scraper rings, valves, etc.)

  • Spark plugs will produce a more stable spark.
  • The whole process of gas exchange, and as a result, the process of fuel combustion will improve.
  • Engine oil will last longer, because in a cleaner engine and with moving rings, less carbon will get into the oil due to better fuel combustion, the engine temperature will be lower and the oil will burn less.
  • The service life of your catalysts and DPF filters will be extended, and with regular cleaning, they practically will not fail to function!
  • The lifespan of your vehicle will be greatly increased due to the reduction in engine wear. No carbon – no wear!

Power Increase

After cleaning, the compression in the cylinders will increase, which ultimately increases the power output. The engine will run much smoother and with more power due to more efficient fuel combustion. The dynamics of acceleration will also increase significantly.

Fuel Economy

Burning the fuel more efficiently translates into savings in fuel consumption. The change depends on the state of the car and the engine size. The larger the engine, the more noticeable is the change in consumption. Doesn’t require any modifications.


We can come to any large garage with our own large capacity HHO installation for cleaning large trucks and city buses and to carry out the whole procedure on site. For all types of cars and minibuses, use the cleaning stations in Vantaa.

Environmentally Friendly

As the procedure itself is completely safe and environmentally friendly, it not only keeps the engine in perfect condition, but we all together improve the state of the air we breathe.

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Eco Friendly

Your car will become much «greener» after cleaning


The cleaning procedure lasts no more than an hour and does not require any preparation


Significant savings in both fuel, oil and vehicle service life


Already in the process of cleaning the engine began to run more quietly and evenly, and the smoke at the end of cleaning was significantly reduced!
It added a tactile sense of picking up speed easily. We shall see the result in numbers at the technical inspection .
Grand Cherokee
This handsome BMW X5 3.0 has smoked. The owner correctly decided to contact us. 40 minutes and 100 Euros after the exhaust is much cleaner.
BMW x5


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